C-Series hardware

CLB C-Series is a state-of-the-art nurse call and acoustic monitoring system based on IP. The new C-Series offers enhanced speed, reliability and performance, which makes the system particularly suitable for high demanding environments.

In many cases, the existing infrastructure can be used to connect the devices and set-up the system. The CLB C8100 Local Controller continuously monitors all modules. When a module is disconnected, disabled or malfunctioning, a warning message is shown to alert an operator or system administrator.


Remote update

C-Series module firmware can be updated remotely. Besides saving time and reducing maintenance costs, remote updating also increases safety as the system is more likely to have the latest firmware installed.


The well thought-out design makes CLB C-series modules easy to install, easy to understand and easy to use. The Contemporary design blends into any healthcare surrounding.


LED lights on modules provide reassuring indication that help is on the way.


The S-Series software makes it possible to control large systems, with multiple sites, from a single location.

Fail safe

Any system or module malfunctions are automatically detected and immediately reported.


The wide range of nurse call modules facilitates flexibility in deploying the nurse call system for many different care situations.

Easy to clean

The combination of hygienic materials and design make the hardware modules easy to clean with most common cleaning agents.

Easy to configure

Once connected, C-Series modules can be configured with a single mouse click.

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